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Cindy Kleist is a reference of the Design of Jewels in Uruguay and makes each piece a work of art. Those who visit her atelier experience first hand how special every jewel is.
She was the first jewelry designer to win a Morosoli Prize, a national recognition for Culture and the Arts. She has also received the first metal award in Hecho Acá, and Uruguay Natural granted her the use of the Country Brand.
Their creations are classified in different lines that have a coherence, design, and process. She was able to combine her training in fashion design with the ancient technique of goldsmithing to create unique pieces with a personal touch that put it at the forefront of design and personalization.
Inspiration is a part of her life. It is moments, experiences, aromas, memories, feelings. The main materials used are silver, gold, precious stones, semi precious stones and zirconia.


Cindy was born in 1985 in Montevideo, Uruguay and took after her father, Jaime Kleist, a famous  artist, her interest in art and culture. She graduated with honors with a Degree in Fashion Design in the University ORT and studied for several years jewelry making in the workshop of Álvaro Martino.